The RC808 is a sample based emulation of the legendary TR-808. The 808 has been used in tons of hits during the eighties, among them "Sexual Heiling" by Marvin Gaye and “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaata and the Soulsonic Force. It's still widely used nowadays among hip hop and techno producers. The RC808 is a  plugin emulation of the 808 with added functionalities not present in the original machine.

  •  The original 808 drum kit sounds. 
  •  Velocity sensitive response.
  •  The original 808 knobs for each drum sound plus pan, attack, decay and verb controls.
  •  LFO for stereo width modulation.
  •  Various effects: vinyl, pitch bending and sens/distortion.
  •  Preview keyboard.
  •  4 Modes: Main Stereo, Multi-Out, Main Stereo Multi MIDI channels and Multi-Out Multi MIDI channels.
RC808 is available as a Windows (32 bit/64 bit) VST plugin as well as a universal Mac OS X VST and AU plugin. You need a plugin host to be able to use this program. No on-board sequencer, RC808 is controlled only by your DAW's sequencer and it's on-board preview keyboard.


Compatible with all the major DAWs!

Manual included.
Each version of the plugin are available as a separate download.

  • Windows VST plugins in both 32 bit and 64 bit format 
  • Mac OS X Universal VST and AU plugins format 
  • The samples in the plugin are 24 bit wav files converted to FLAC
  • Compatible with the most popular DAWs on the market: Ableton Live, Cockos Reaper, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio, Traktion, Mixcraft, Sony Acid, Presonus Studio One, Cakewalk Sonar & Apple Logic Pro.

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